New water system

At reception we have ours!

Following our commitment to sustainability and the environment, we wanted to make small changes in order to reduce the consumption of plastic and the Co2 footprint at our golf course. Starting from 2020 we will be using water purified water dispensers on the course.

What is water purification?

It is a process where odors and other substances that can affect the taste of water are eliminated but that conserve the  natural minerals.  Our supplier, AGUAKMCERO® guarantees 100% safe and healthy water for all our golfers.

Where can you refill your bottles?

These systems will be located at the first hole and at hole ten, the water will be free for customers and employees.

I have no bottle?

If you do not have reusable bottles, you may purchase our personalized 18/8 stainless steel bottles, suitable for food use, free of BPA bisphenol, perfect to take as a souvenir.

Our supplier the Agüita company, also committed to the environment guarantees the safety and durability of the bottles. For more information check their website:

Jenny Roman